Occupy the Heart!

February 7, 2012 — 2 Comments

The National Prayer Breakfast was held last week on February 2nd. The President used this religious gathering to further his idea on higher taxes for the wealthy and the view of “sharing the wealth”. Here is an excerpt of the speech:

President Obama is correct that the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament do talk about giving to others, helping the poor, the widows and orphans and reaching out to those that are in need. However, Jesus makes no reference to giving to the Government to help the poor. Jesus talked about the downfall of wealth and how it can lead to sin and destruction. We have seen first hand in this nation what wealth can do and how it can destroy.

Our country is in a great divide over the issue that our President campaigned against and now legislates for. I understand helping those in need and I understand the conviction of my heart and my Faith and the teachings of Christ in helping the poor. However, my Faith and convictions should not be at the mercy of our Government.

Occupy Wall Street is in protest over the greed and the economic divide in this country. I understand this frustration but it can not be solved through legislature or higher taxes. This is a heart issue.

I am a mother of three very different children. Child Z (named for anonymity sake) has shown great compassion and desire to give to others. At 6 years old, this child felt compelled to give 20 dollars to a certain cause that would help children in need. My husband and I were moved by this compassion. We try to be examples of charity and giving for our children. We try to remind our children how blessed they really are and to always give to those less fortunate. However, we cannot make or “legislate” if you will their acts of compassion. I would love all my children to give generously and think of others before themselves but this is a heart issue and not a money issue.

The same can be said for the class divide in our country. Our President wants to take from those that have and give to those that do not have. However he is overstepping his bounds not just in the Constitution but also in the Christian faith. For Jesus commanded the wealthy to give what they had up. He was asking them to have Faith, to have compassion and to let God occupy their hearts (if you will).

Occupy Wall Street may continue all over this country. People will go on and complain about the unfairness of those that “Have” and those that “Don’t Have”. Our President may continue to try to overstep his authority. However, the problem will not be solved through taxing the wealthy or creating Government policies. It is a heart issue that can only be solved when God and the teachings of Jesus Occupies the Heart!

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    Great post; you can bet I will be subscribing to your blog!

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