Back to the root!

February 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

When anything begins to grow it starts from a root. I am not just talking about a plant or tree. A family begins from a root of heritage and culture. A church begins from a core group and grows outward. An organization starts from a beginning maybe sparked by a certain cause or mission. There is always a beginning.

Our country has roots. Every country has its foundation. I feel blessed to live in a country that has a rooted foundation in freedom and religion. Actually let me rephrase that. I feel blessed to live in a country that WAS rooted in freedom and not really in religion but faith in God.

If you take the time to study our founding fathers and our Constitution you will find the roots of this nation. Men who represented people who wanted freedom. They wanted freedom to make their own decisions and to succeed and fail by those choices. Roots that started with the notion that no authority could mandate how, when or where a person could worship God. These roots where so soaked with the desire for liberty that men gave up their lives so that their children could live in this free society.

I am humbled by the roots of this country. It began to grow and prosper with this freedom that others took notice. Immigrants from all over gave up the only home they ever knew to start again because liberty was real and it was alive.

Fast forward to well over two hundred years and what have we become. When anything grows and begins to take a different direction, sometimes it’s good to look back and remember its roots. We don’t have to undo progress and great achievements that added growth and stability. We will NEVER turn back the decisions that gave every inhabitant of this nation equal opportunity. However, maybe looking back will give a perspective for why it all began in the first place. Maybe going back to the root will give us a notion to pause and reflect and realize we are going in the wrong direction.

I truly believe if we don’t get back to the roots of this nation the tree will wither and die. I just hope people are willing to take notice before it is too late.

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