On The Flip Side!

March 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

ImageThere are two sides of every coin. Even in our political system there are two sides. We “flip the coin”, so to speak, every 4 or 8 years with a new administration. Throughout our Government’s history we have seen the coin flip and carry failures and successes along the way. Some sides stand out and usually the President presiding carries the banner of triumph or defeat. We even have former Presidents engraved in our coins because of the great contributions each one gave to this country. This flipping of the coin has always been this Nation’s great political system in keeping our country evenly balanced on all sides.

From 2001 to 2008, the coin was on the Republican side under George W. Bush. He will no doubt go in history as the man who had to lead a nation under one of the most horrific experiences with 9/11. I voted for Mr. Bush and supported him throughout his 8 years. However, as a conservative, I was disappointed with many decisions he made throughout his Presidency. He undoubtedly left this nation with many problems.

On the flip side is now President Barrack Obama in the Democratic Party. He will first and foremost be known as the first black President. A great achievement this nation can proudly hail from a fractured past of racial divides. I did not vote for him based on his liberal record and big government philosophy. His message was hope and change and many people voted for him based on his promises to change the problems of the Bush presidency.

The problem is both sides look exactly the same right now. So many problems that people complained about during the Bush years are still here and  some have gotten worse. Have we really flipped the coin?


Here’s a brief side by side comparison of some of the complaints on both sides:

Bush Years

Obama Years

Iraq war (aka. War on Terror) and troops sent into Afghanistan.

Iraq war and troop surge sent into Afghanistan.

Bombing campaign in Libya without formal declaration from Congress.

Defense spending as of 2008- $616 billion.


Defense spending as of 2011- $768 billion.

Patriot Act

Patriot Act renewal

National Debt at the end of the Bush years: 10.626 trillion

National debt now: 15.460 trillion and rising.

Unemployment rate 7.6% at end of term.

Unemployment rate 8.3% as of January 2012.

Gas price per gallon at end of term: $1.78 (highest price peaked at $4.09 during term)

Gas price per gallon now: $3.64 with highest price in CA at $4.20


 Looking at both sides makes me think who can make heads and tails of it all. It really is two sides of the same coin. I am ready to flip the coin again in this new election year. I’ll take my chances and hope for a new plan with a new side that may or may not bring results. I have sat back and endured this side that has brought about little hope and very little change. I am ready to see you on the flip side!

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