March 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

ImageSometimes I think I am an anomaly when it comes to the whole women’s or feminist movement. Why are women in this country fighting for their rights? I have always veered away from any kind of feminist movement. I don’t relate to feminists and on most things I don’t agree with them. In fact, I am sure if they knew exactly what my opinions were they would think I would want to move women back about 100 years.

I get tired of hearing the same voices of women out there demanding reproductive rights, job equality, and complaining about gender bias. Those are not the voices I want my daughters to hear. I think it is important for my girls to see the progress our country has made in all inequality battles. I am grateful for the women’s suffrage movement and the right to vote in 1920. I appreciate that my daughters can study and choose a profession in a wide range of areas. However, what is most important is that my daughters hear voices of compassion and charity and not those in anger over selfish ambition.

As my young girls become women I want them to know the precious gift of motherhood, if God chooses to bless them in that way. My hope is that they would see beyond themselves and realize the talents and gifts they have can be used for others in whatever role they choose.  It means that being a woman does not mean it is their right but it is their privilege.

Too many voices overshadow the millions of women who honor God everyday by being women of compassion. A woman who puts others ahead of herself in whatever role because she understands it represents who God made her to be and she actually finds joy in it. I want my girls to hear those kinds of voices. However, those stories are rarely heard because they are women who go quietly about their lives serving others in faithfulness. Females who do have struggles and at times feel they are treated unfairly but they view life in a prism that encompasses others beyond them.

My job as a mother is to help my daughters to tune out the “roar” they hear from women that don’t represent all of us. To help them develop their gifts and talents to be used to nurture those in need. I want them to look up to women who use their gender to celebrate life not demanding anything from it. I want to raise them with the motto of, “I am a woman, what a privilege”.

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