10 Reasons Why You and Your Children Should Watch Monumental!

March 28, 2012 — Leave a comment


  1. Kirk Cameron is still cute after all these years! (Okay, just kidding but the Dude never ages.)
  2. (or the real #1) This is a great historical documentary on the real reason this nation was founded. It carries you through the history of the Puritans who struggled to find a place of freedom to worship God.
  3. Your children will gain insight on what is “special” about our heritage. My son who is 7 years old fell asleep and it was way over his head but I believe children ages 10 and above can value from this movie.
  4. It sends the message of personal responsibility to everyone. No blame game to any political party or person. It starts at home!
  5. It highlights the truth about the Founding Fathers that they were men of faith and they did believe in the scriptures and that God and scriptures were prominent in building our government.
  6. It will further encourage all homeschoolers that you are doing the right thing and education does begin in the home.
  7. It can be promoted in our churches because it does not carry a political message of any party but simply encourages people of faith to go back to our roots.
  8. If you love history and church history this is your kind of movie.
  9. It encourages me and why I started this blog because there is a place for faith in politics because that is how it all began.
  10. Demand the movie on the Monumental website. It is worth watching!

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