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Sometimes in our society we throw phrases and words out into the media world to spark meaning or contention. The most recent phrase would be, “War on Women”. In fact, that phrase can carry so much contention depending on what side you view it on. I started to reflect on this so called battle or war and came up with my own conclusion.

I started to list in my mind all the various battles women in this country try to fight. There is the war on equal job opportunities and women’s reproductive rights. Then there is the battle of stay at home moms versus working mothers. We even try to blame a political party for all the various battles to sway how a woman will vote. Who needs to fight men when females have their own gender battles?

Let’s face it women, we are opinionated when it comes to so many things like our jobs, raising children and how we live our lives. Sometimes these battles are driven from our own insecurities because we just want to get it right. We want to succeed and be the best mothers, daughters, wives and use our gifts and talents in our society. Sometimes I think the battle is not against each other but is sparked within ourselves.

However, with all the contention we are perhaps losing the most important and precious thing that we as women and mothers can bring into this world…TIME! We are so busy getting it right that we forget to stop and just be still. I was thinking about the women in my world that have invested in my life like my mother, sister and my grandmothers. What is it that adds meaning to my life through their lives? It is those quiet moments when it is just me sitting and talking with my mother about life. It was my visits with my grandmothers and listening to their memories and wisdom.  Then there are those moments when my sister and I will hash all our concerns and solve all the world’s problems with just a conversation (or at least we try to).  That precious jewel called time is what has given most meaning to my life.

Women fight all kinds of battles. I know better as a woman than to put my own opinion into the public debate over which battle is worth fighting (or at least not in this post). However, I can say over my own convictions that I haven’t given enough of my time to my children and to the people that matter most in my lives. There are days that I can be so busy that I forget to just sit and listen and spend quality time with those I love. I get so wrapped up in being the best woman I can be that I chip away precious moments from my children. I get sucked into this fast paced race that we as women and mothers run in. 

Perhaps the real war on women is that we fail to forget that life is short and the time we invest in others is precious. I am thankful for the women in my life that gave up their time for me. They slowed down and invested in me and they probably never even realized it. Let’s face it women, with more opportunities and battles fought and won, we have chipped away a little from ourselves and others. It is time to slow down, fight less and invest our TIME into the most important people in our life.  

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