Chick-fil-A, marriage and boycott… Huh??

July 24, 2012 — 8 Comments


Imagine with me for a moment an annual Traditional Marriage Pride Parade in the heart of New York City. Heterosexual couples marching down the streets with signs that read like this:

“Fifty years married and still going strong!”

“I have been married to my best friend and love my heterosexual mate”.

“Husband and wife, it hasn’t always been easy but we are committed to each other.”

Can you imagine the outrage from the homosexual community? I mean there are no anti-gay signs but they are flaunting their traditional marriages, so they must be judging, right?

Hmmm, where am I going with this post you might ask?

Recently Dan Cathy, the president of Chick-fil-A and a self-proclaimed Christian, spoke out in support of traditional marriage. He got himself in a heap of trouble because he mixed the words God and traditional marriage in his statement. How dare he stand on his beliefs openly and for the world to hear? Wait, isn’t that what people do at the Gay Pride Parades? I wonder how many people in those parades own a business or sell a product that people buy?

Okay do you see where I am going?

As a Christian, I take the biblical view of marriage and I believe in it. I don’t have any agenda to get rid of the homosexual community’s beliefs. I just want my voice to be heard, too. I don’t consider the gay community hateful but I do disagree with them. Why is it that we have to agree with people to mutually show them kindness and dignity? I won’t be marching in their parade or standing in their way but if someone tries to force me to accept their beliefs then I will speak up and stand on what I believe. Nowadays it seems as if Christians can’t stand on their beliefs without being labeled hateful? Doesn’t it go both ways?

Dan Cathy didn’t speak out against homosexuals. He spoke in defense of his Christian belief in traditional marriage. He didn’t say anything against the homosexual community and in fact he has said they will continue to treat everyone with dignity and respect. He wasn’t imposing his beliefs on anyone. He was sharing his personal Christian convictions. However, now people opposed to his views are asking the gay community and those that support them to boycott Chick-fil-A. Is it now the correct thing to use fear and intimidation to shame someone in their belief? I know too many people who have done that in the name of religion and within my Christian faith to shame the gay community. That is not what my faith or the teachings of Jesus should represent. However, those who are in support of gay marriage are doing just that very thing.

I am not going to start a Traditional Marriage Parade or begin to boycott the numerous companies who support gay marriage. However, as a Christian, I will not be intimidated on standing on my beliefs and convictions. My faith commands me to love those who disagree with me. All I ask is that those that disagree, respect my beliefs as well. Dan Cathy explained later in his interview, “We know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord; we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.”

Our freedom in this country allows people like Dan Cathy to share his beliefs and allows me to write this post. You may not agree with me or Mr. Cathy who stand on traditional marriage but we can all treat each other with respect and kindness. We can even choose to sit together and enjoy a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A or not. After all, the doors are open to everyone!

8 responses to Chick-fil-A, marriage and boycott… Huh??


    I am just amazed that when a Child of the Most High God take a stand for God’s righteousness than the world has a problem with it. Jesus says clearly that He hates sin and that we are to love the sinners. What we are missing here is that the enemy is trying to get Christians to argue over this so that it keeps us distracted about what he is doing. Jesus said that the day will come when man will no longer listen to sound doctrine that they will become lovers of themselves.

    I for one love Jesus Christ and been serving Him for twenty some years and I believe everything that Jesus says in His word. And if Jesus says we are to speak up about Him than we are Jesus spoke the truth when He walked the earth and we who are His children should do the same thing if we don’t than the question becomes who are we more afraid of Man or GOD?

    Jesus never once compromised God’s word with the religious leaders so why are we doing it? I stand for Christ and what He says and each one of us will one day give an account to Him and I for one don’t want to be standing next to the person who calls themselves a Christians but compromises God’s word all for the sake of pleasing man…May God have mercy on your souls.

    Matthew 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.


    jesus was a zombie
    anyways, christians are supposed to be pursecuted for their beliefs, that is what the religion is about.
    if god is a loving god then why would we fear him? how many people did god kill in the bible compared to satan?
    im just babling for the hell of it
    go gay right
    go god
    jesus was a spiritual teacher

    “I like your christ but not your christian, why cant your christians be more like your christ?”
    thats a valid question that most christians should ponder


      Jeremy- Many Christians like myself do ponder that question and I still don’t have the answer to that one. All I know is that if I followed all the Christians I know purely on their beliefs and their “righteousness” I would have given up on Christianity a long time ago. I totally undertand why Jesus didn’t spend a lot of time with the Pharisees (the religious ones). Christians can be some of the most unloving, dogmatic, hurtful people I know and I guess it takes one to know one kind of thing for me. However I do know hating them (Christians) only makes one feel better about yourself for a time but then you got to deal with yourself and realize it really is only about you and God and the one He sent to forgive us all.


    Thank you for a clear and logical blog about a matter which affects a lot of people and seems as though it will affect most people in the near future. We are quickly losing our rights – rights which the vocal minority ‘opposition’ have.

    May we all be willing to stand up and be counted, and politely and respectfully let our beliefs be known.

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