Ready to Rumble!

August 30, 2012 — Leave a comment


I am in a political dilemma. I am a Christian conservative who believes in conservative principles both socially and economically but I want to be the referee who calls the fight in the ring as a bust. I want to shout out to the crowd, “This is all that we got America!” On the one side, we have the liberal socialist who has done more damage in these last 4 years that could have ever been expected. Then we have the quasi Republican candidate who governed a state with more liberal legislation then anyone is really willing to admit (or at least on my side, anyway). Call me crazy but both of these political opponents have more similarities than differences and we want to champion our candidate as the best in the ring.

I guess it is too late now. The opponents have been chosen, the gloves are on and the fight has begun. The crowd is hyped and cheering on their candidate. We are ready to brace ourselves for each candidate’s blows and will hope that the fight stays clean (although it never does). Both sides take aim and defend their candidate to the end. When the fight ends and there is a winner, will our country change?

Sometimes, I think we as Americans really only like the fight. We like to sit back and be the spectator and put our hopes and dreams into our candidate. We dream big for them and make them into the fighter we dream they could be. They will be our champions. The fight ends. There is a winner and we go home. Then we get disappointed when our champion fighter turns out to be only the number one heavyweight for the ring but not in real life.

Perhaps, we need to change our perspective. It’s okay to cheer on the fight and get behind the candidate. However, we have to remember that the fight never ends. Our leader should always stay in the ring because freedom and liberty comes at a great cost and it is a constant fight to keep it alive. We can’t be citizens of this country who only engage in politics during the election fight. We need to be engaged and ready to make sure that our champion is doing the job right. That our Constitution is being upheld and our freedom is always intact. Our candidate really doesn’t win the title on Election Day. They win the title after 4 or more years served in office. Let’s stop giving them undeserved recognition before their fight is over. In my opinion, our current President hasn’t won the title and is undeserving of any recognition. It is time to elect a new fighter but time will tell if he will be awarded the heavyweight title of Leader of our country.

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