The Puzzle Maker!

September 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

I teach preschoolers. The one thing that I love to do with my students is to help them put together a floor puzzle. I love the way their minds make the connections of which piece will fit. I sometimes have to encourage them to see the big picture on the box, so that they can realize where each puzzle piece should go. When a piece is missing the whole puzzle is not complete and it is frustrating to do all that work and a student can’t feel that sense of accomplishment.

It reminds me about God in our lives when it comes to puzzles. Our Nation is a mess and our whole political world is divided. It is an election year and we all hold our ideals and opinions when it comes to candidates and what and who is right to lead this nation. It is kind of like America is a huge floor puzzle and so many pieces just don’t fit together. Some of us want to jam certain pieces together and they just don’t fit and things are not working the way we planned.

I am a political thinker and even I get side tracked with my own ideals and what I feel is right. I get impassioned on views and a feel I have it figured out just where each piece of the puzzle should fit and life will be complete. The only thing wrong with my whole viewpoint is that I cannot see the bigger picture. In fact, I often forget to stop and look at the whole purpose of life in general.  I don’t take the view that we are supposed to keep God out of the political puzzle and I firmly believe our nation’s founders didn’t believe this way either. However, I think we all (no matter what political party) get so bogged down by how to solve life’s problems that we do not see the bigger picture.

Some want to take God out of the political process. I don’t hold that belief but I am not offended by it. Not because of the politically correct (warped view) of separation of church and state or even because I firmly believe in religious choice. No, it goes bigger than that. It is because I, nor anyone else, am not in control of putting the puzzle together and the outcome. It is okay to think politically and to even defend our religious views in politics.  However, I have to remind myself there is a bigger picture and it is not about me and it is definitely not about our country, our leaders and the whole political process. The word “God” can be removed from a party platform, from a small plaque on a courthouse wall, or even in our public schools. That won’t change the fact that we are all merely a small piece of the puzzle and God is still in control. No one can remove the God of our heart and soul. The sense of accomplishment in our lives comes when we realize no matter what problems we have in this life, there is a God who is the bigger picture and only He knows how it all fits in His big plan.

One response to The Puzzle Maker!


    Nicely put, I don’t think I could have said it better myself. I am not a political fan, and don’t care much for either candidate, yet I have been asking God to show me who is the better choice to get His job done. Thank you for sharing your heart!!

    God bless you!!

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