Living under the Shadow.

October 6, 2012 — Leave a comment




I have been extremely blessed in my life with three beautiful children. They are all very different and each one has their own God given gifts and talents. I am learning, as their mother, how to encourage them in their gifts while trying to distinguish the difference between my will for their life and God’s will. I don’t know their future but God does. I have only one real desire for their lives and that is that they live under the shadow of the Almighty.

The imagery of living under a shadow can conjure up a lot of emotions depending on who you talk to. I think about our fame obsessed world. The children of famous actors have to live under the shadow of fame. The child of the important CEO of a multi-million company lives under the shadow of business, education and wealth. Then there’s the evangelist or even local church pastor whose children live under the shadow of faith and spirituality. Dark shadows such as abuse and control can also be cast upon a person. So many shadows on so many children that sometimes it’s a wonder how they ever grow up and out of them.

The thing about a shadow is it covers and sometimes protects. However, the other part of it is that it follows you wherever you go. I am always impressed by the children who grow up under these many different shadows and manage to come out confident and intact. I have seen the devastating side of living under a shadow as well. There’s usually a fight to be independent and free from the shadow. Many times it comes with hardships like rebellion, depression, and even addiction.

My children do not have to live under their parent’s shadow. We don’t have roles in life that put us up in front of crowd watchers and followers. I am blessed with the fact that my children are actually ahead of us in line and we are gently behind, encouraging them with open arms, helping them find their way in life. It is not as easy for those cast under the shadow. Sometimes, for many different reasons, the shadow acts as a wall and few know how to climb over it.

The positive side of living under a shadow is when a person lets go of the burden the shadow casts there tends to be freedom. Finding that freedom comes with the knowledge that you can be the person you were made to be in Christ. To use your own talents and God given gifts in the way God meant you to live all along.  It is there you feel the hand of God behind you and encouraging you with open arms and feeling the mighty protection of living under the shadow of the Almighty. The place I pray my children will live now and in their future no matter where their paths may take them.

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