Caution: Christian Voters!

October 16, 2012 — 1 Comment






I have been engaged in politics for about 10 years now. Probably the pivotal moment was after 9/11 and I realized paying attention to what happens in our government is important. I have weaved in and out of political opinions and I have realized some mistakes that I have made along the way. I have grown in my political debating skills and I have become more confident in what and why I believe. I even decided to create this blog to tie in my faith with my political opinions.  I want to emphasize that my words are opinions and even though I tie my faith into my beliefs, only God has the final word.

I have learned not to use Bible references on my political posts. I feel strongly that I am not to use the scriptures to define my own political opinions. That doesn’t mean God can’t use my words to speak truth but I shouldn’t use the word of God to speak mine when it comes to politics. My “About Me” page says, “Some people feel faith and politics is a volatile mixture but I respectably disagree.” The reason why I disagree is because my faith defines my political views. I came to realize that fact the more I engaged in politics.

In this presidential election, I really do not like either candidate. It has given me the advantage to take off the rose-colored glasses and see how each side of the aisle reacts to each candidate. I was appalled during the 2008 election in how people, even Christians, treated Barrack Obama. They acted like he was some sort of savior. Their disdain over the Bush years had boiled over and Obama was the change they hoped for. Now, four years later many people, even Christians, are looking to Mitt Romney to be the beacon of hope over the liberal legislation we have seen these last four years.  I have even seen scriptures referenced in promoting the Republican candidate.

There is just one word that always comes to mind and that is to be cautious in how we as Christians promote our politics. We have to remember the fallibility of man. It is important to speak the truth of Christ but it is just as important in how we use the word of God (the Scriptures). The yellow caution sign along the side of the road means to slow down and pay attention. For me, as a Christian who loves to engage in politics, this means to not let my opinions and my ideals become wrapped up in the words of God. My faith defines my politics but I am cautious before I let politics interpret the scriptures.  I think the word of God serves me better by gleaning wisdom over political issues than using the words to promote my political positions. In this election, I am trying not to throw caution to the wind and using the best defense within my faith to tackle politics and that is prayer.  I think we can all agree that prayer is the only full proof faith method that can cover all aspects of politics.





One response to Caution: Christian Voters!


    This your dad. Well said. I was one who was excited when Carter, a born again, President tok office. I learned that a born again mechanic who does not know how to fix cars is just as bad as a sinner who does not know how to fix cars. Your blog reminds me to always proceed with caution in whoever I support….thanks for an excellent reminder.

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