Get Over It!

October 23, 2012 — 1 Comment





One of my downfalls as a mother is my lack of compassion. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly care for my kids but sometimes my impatience gets the best of me and my well of compassion runs dry quicker than it should. Probably the best example is when one of my children has a scrape or cut and the drama seems to never end. I can comfort when it first happens. I wipe the cut, maybe put a Band-Aid on, a hug or kiss and then I encourage them that it will heal eventually. Then it seems like I have to hear every day about the latest update on that small scrape and the drama seems to go on forever. I lose my patience and I not so lovingly say, “It is not the end of the world, get over it!”

God recently reminded me that I am really no different from my drama driven children. The cut or scrape is not a physical wound but usually an emotional one. I felt a hurt at one time and something triggers that pain and all my drama starts all over again.  I tend to dwell on it and bitterness rears its ugly head. Then I want to find someone to show me some compassion and agree in my bitterness. That small hurt or pain becomes bigger than life all over again.

As a parent, I have to find that balance between showing compassion to my kids but also knowing when to let go and let them learn the valuable life lesson of dealing with a hurt. I don’t want my children to feel pain but I also don’t want to shelter them from life. Sometimes they need to realize pain is inevitable and they need to get over it. Now I just need to learn as their mother how to teach them that in a more loving way. The best way to learn that parenting lesson is to lean on Christ to guide me through that.

God has always been there comforting me along the way with my scrapes and bruises. However, when the wound has healed, he reminds me it is time I let go and get over it. That is not God being unloving that is a God who wants me to not dwell on things that hold no significance in my life anymore. The more I open that wound again, the more drama unfolds and bitterness comes in to destroy what God has already healed. Little scrapes, big bruises, painful experiences, they all happen for a reason.  I know God loves me when I feel that gentle reminder to let it go… LIFE GOES ON!


One response to Get Over It!


    It helps me to remember that, for that child, this is literally the worst thing that has happened to them in their entire lives. When I remember that, I can give it the gravity that the event deserves. Then I remember that God probably feels the same way about some of my problems.

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