Peace after the Election.

November 8, 2012 — 3 Comments

             Do you hear that? No, me either. All I hear is the sound of quiet after the election. No more random phone calls polling my political opinions. No more phone messages from the RNC giving me one more reason why my vote matters in this election. Television commercials have been wiped clean of all political ads. There is a peace in my home that I am thoroughly enjoying. Did my candidate win? No but life goes on and there were no guarantees that he would have changed what I feel is wrong in our government. I did my duty and I executed my privilege of voting. I prayed for God’s will and I took my faith to the polls.

So what does my faith tell me to do now that my candidate didn’t win the Presidency? How do I deal with four more years of a President that has pulled this country in the farthest direction from my faith and spiritual convictions? Do I go to Revelations in the bible and start warning of the coming judgment? Do I simply quote scriptures and remind myself that God is in control? Do I start analyzing how our country has gotten so far from the things of God and listing the key events where we as Christians failed in our attempts to change popular opinion? What is an American Christian to do?

I really don’t know the answer.  I am not going give some amazing spiritual insight that somehow God has given me to tell others. All I know is God sits on His throne and already knows the future. He doesn’t make decisions based on who is the next elected American President. Sometimes I think we put too much emphasis on American politics that we fail to see how we have let government overshadow our Christian faith. Now that doesn’t mean I have changed my blog motto that faith and politics can and should go hand in hand. It simply means Christianity and the gospel of Jesus Christ does not rise and fall with who sits in the White House. God never changes and we are assured in scripture that He is the same yesterday, today and in the future.

Hear that? That is peace in the heart of the Christian that can rest assure in God’s promises. Yes, we know from scripture that there will be a day of judgment but we also don’t know the mind of God. We know as Christians that our country is moving farther and farther from God’s commandments. However, we are all called in our own unique way to live out our faith and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I will keep praying for God’s will for my country and I am going to keep voting my faith and standing up for religious freedom.  However, I am not going to let a Presidential selection take away the peace that was there before I cast my vote.

3 responses to Peace after the Election.


    Yes sister, well said and my sentiments exactly! Thank you!


    Totally agree. Well said. Just wanted to point out that the last line of that Mercedes video/add on the bottom of your blog said “the power of serenity”. One more tiny yet powerful proof that God is in control of everything!
    Coincidence? 🙂

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