Keep Tebowing!!

March 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

thCA2W0IFFTim Tebow is well known in the NFL world. He has also made a name for himself in the Christian world. Regardless of how he performs in the National Football League, I am one of his biggest fans. He has spoken openly of his faith in Christ and for that I respect him. However, lately he has been given criticism in the press for various speaking engagements. Tebow is now in a state of “where the rubber meets the road” (sort of speak). The media can tolerate a Christian openly professing their faith but they will not tolerate it when you speak the specific truths and convictions of your beliefs when it comes to morality and social issues.

Tebow wants to save sex for marriage! – “That is just craziness!”

Tebow doesn’t party because he feels it exposes him to too many temptations! – “How lame!”

Tebow believes marriage is between a man and a woman and does not believe in homosexuality! – “Okay, now we must shut this guy up!”

When a public figure proclaims their belief in Christ as their truth there is always that road block that defines which way they will go. Will Tim back out of every speaking engagement so as not to “rock the boat” of public opinion? Will he keep standing on the truth of Christ and continue to speak the truth in love? It is a hard road proclaiming who you are in Christ, your convictions and knowing that you will possibly offend. I don’t envy the position Tim is in right now. However, as a fellow Christ believer I want to encourage him. Hey Tim, bend that knee (honor God), keep shutting out the world (the media, the critics) around you, pray for guidance and keep true to the word of God. Keep Tebowing!!!!

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