In His Hands. (A Glimpse of Abortion)

April 11, 2013 — 6 Comments


I was once carrying a child. It was not a fetus or blob of tissue but a developing baby. I remember the nurse consoling me that this fetus had no heartbeat. She said to me, “It is not a death just an absence of what was needed to become human”. Then why did I feel such sorrow? I was barely two months pregnant but I had already experienced an overwhelming amount of emotions with this new baby developing inside of me. I was excited to have a sister or brother for my one year old daughter. What would this child look like? Would it be a boy or girl?

The news was devastating that this baby would not be. Why was I feeling such sorrow over a child I had not even held? I remember praying and asking God to help me understand why this baby was not allowed to be a part of our family. I then had this beautiful picture in my mind. There were hands, cupped together and holding many things inside. I realized as small as those things were, they were not things but babies. Millions and millions of babies kept inside His hands. Those hands were cupped not just to catch but to protect and hold tightly. There were too many babies to count. I knew that my child was there, in His hands, for a reason I might not ever know.

Whenever I hear the word abortion that picture comes to my mind. They were not fetuses or what was called, “an absence of what was needed to be human” but fully formed babies in His hands. I remember crying to God feeling not just my own sorrow but the sorrow God feels for those babies who were not given the opportunity to live. I realized that God gave me but a glimpse of His pain over abortion. My loss was accidental but His loss through abortion is tragic.

There are so many circumstances and emotions wrapped up in the decision to have an abortion. I have a different perspective with the loss of a baby. It is not just from my own personal experience but from my brief picture, I believe, God gave to me. Abortion should be seen through God’s eyes. It should be felt through His sorrow. The child I lost early was not mine but His and was taken by His timing. There are too many babies being caught by His hands by the untimely decision of others. Abortion is not a personal choice of an undeveloped fetus. It is the death of millions of babies caught by the hands of God in unbelievable pain and sorrow.

To understand the horrors of abortion please view the following documentary video about Kermit Gosnell and his killing spree of innocent women and babies.

6 responses to In His Hands. (A Glimpse of Abortion)


    I just couldn’t bear to hit ‘like’ knowing what you’ve been through. That semed cruel although I certainly like the woman you are! I wanted you to know what a strong womanly example you set and how I wish more would follow your godly example! I pray for your beautiful testimony and strength to continue. Blessings,


    In case you or anyone else is interested, here is a link to the 281 page grand jury report:

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