What’s for dinner?

May 8, 2013 — 1 Comment


I hate to cook!

Okay, hate might be too strong of a word but let’s just say the daily chore of cooking a meal for my family is not a part of my talents or gifts. Paula Deen’s phrase, “love and best dishes, y’all”, is a foreign language to me that I do not understand. I love my family but providing them meals is just not the way I desire to show them love. However, I muster up enough energy and do feed them on a daily basis and I even try new recipes from time to time.

The cooking part in providing meals is a chore for me but the time together as a family is important. Our life is busy and with sports and after-school activities finding a time to fit in a meal with the whole family can be challenging. Sometimes it feels like society is making it harder and harder for my family to carve out time together. There seems to be this high pressure environment to make sure my children are involved in many activities. Even schools seem to be pushing kids to do community service hours as well as join clubs and sports, all to further that education plan and college goal. Dinner time just doesn’t fit anymore into the modern family life.

Then it hit me. It is my job to defend our family time. Sitting around a table eating and sharing our family stories might not be the modern society’s objective but it is mine and I need to fight for it. Our society has changed with two working parents, busy schedules and a career driven society. However, the needs of a family have not changed. Being together as a family is still important. Talking to my kids about the events of the day and just seeing each other in one place for a period of time is the best part of the day. The family meal achieves this objective of time spent together.

There are days that my family and I might not be able to eat dinner all together. However, the goal is to not let this fast paced, busy schedule environment take away from the most important people in my life. They are growing up and soon will not be sitting around my table. I am letting society know that you cannot have my family time. It belongs to me and I am defending it. So maybe my kids might not experience every sport or dive into the latest popular talent trend activity but at least we will be together. Yes, I realize that means I will have to continue to cook more meals but I am okay with that because our family time is worth it!

One response to What’s for dinner?


    I love family dinner, not just the holiday. My Family sit down for dinner on a nightly base. I had to explain it to my step-son and even friends that stay. It something new for alot of people, but It the best time to see and learn about your family day and grow closer to one another, until I ask who doing the dishes. lol

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