A year and 4 months we learned of the headlines of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. I wrote this after feeling the pain of the racial divide in this country and now my heart still feels sad. Will we ever heal wounds of racial injustice?

Julie Klose - The Velvet Brick


I led a white privileged life! You know the one where I was raised in a white family who had the privilege of playing with kids of all races and colors and meeting people of all nationalities. Okay, maybe that’s not your typical white privileged life but it was an honor and privilege for me to be raised in this way.

I grew up in a unique environment through a ministry called Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge is a program that ministers to those who struggle with addictions like drug and alcohol abuse. Through this ministry, I was introduced to many wonderful people of all nationalities and colors. I grew up color blind not realizing that most people don’t have this kind of privileged life to be surrounded by diversity.

I didn’t really understand what racism was until I was taught about it at school. I heard stories from people…

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