Dear Miley Cyrus…

August 26, 2013 — 81 Comments


I am writing to you because you are all over the headlines today and I wanted to share with you my thoughts.

First of all, I was a teenager when you were born. So while I technically am old enough to be your mother, I am also young enough to know of the time and generation you were born into. I don’t know anything about your life. I only know what I have seen through television and read through news articles. I am fairly strict about what my kids watch and listen to but I let my daughters watch your Hannah Montana show on the Disney channel and I even tuned into it on occasion and found it fun and entertaining. Your early music was also fun and I found myself singing along with it in the car with my kids.

Then you grew up and started to make your own choices and many of them strayed from the “squeaky clean” image you portrayed while you were younger. So I had to have the talk with my girls about how people make their own decisions in life and how Miley was just an image that wasn’t real. I discussed with them the importance of self-respect and finding value in themselves in who God created them to be and how it didn’t come from their looks or in their body image. It was a good lesson in the importance of whom they choose as friends and who they choose to date later on in life.

I didn’t watch your performance on the VMA’s but I have read enough about it. In fact, it makes me really sad. I realize I don’t know anything about your life or your upbringing but reading the headlines today makes me want to know you. See Miley you are so much more than the act you portray on stage. You are so much more than being the product of society that uses young women like you in images of sex and vulgarity for boosts in ratings and marketing. You may not know this but you are precious in the sight of God.

Among the headlines today, I see words that brand you now as the new Lady Gaga or Madonna. If you wanted people to take notice, you achieved your goal. We see you but we don’t see your heart or your soul. God does and he knows the hurt that you must feel to have so much disrespect for yourself that you would act that way in public. I am sorry that the people around you let you perform that way because they profit from it but care little about who you really are or the real talent that you may have. I am sorry that we live in a society that has strayed so far from values and morals that we have come to a place where millions of people will watch your performance and call it Music or Entertainment.

So I write this letter because it makes me sad to know that you might not realize how loved and valued you are. Not for anything you wear (or don’t wear), not for your music, not for the vulgar or sexy image you feel you need to sell, not for the statements you feel you need to make but for who YOU REALLY ARE. You were created by a God who loves you and I wish you could understand that is what gives you self-respect. That is what gives you love and confidence and that is what can define you. You are so much more…

81 responses to Dear Miley Cyrus…


    Great job Julie. Really enjoying your posts.


    I agree wholeheartedly! My 16-year-old used to love and still watches Hannah Montana from time to time. I had to have that same conversation with her,, too, about the “coming of age”. She was so disappointed in Miley, she literally cried, (she was 13 at the time.) Thanks for writing down my thoughts I just couldn’t put into words. God bless you!


      Thanks Lori! I think Miley is a product of our society and I have had enough of it and I think many people agree. My heart breaks for her!


        This is exactly my feelings on the matter of Miley and so many others before her! My heart truly breaks this week in the after mass of the VMAs but my prayers pour out to heaven that it come to a screeching halt for all those celebrities who are suffering deep down in ways that we may never understand.

  3. August 26, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    Julie, I didn’t see the show but I saw enough of it on E because I heard how terrible it was on the Five. It was just unbelievable she really needs help. I read that a poll was taken and 88 per cent of those in the business thought it was awful. She really needs our prayers.

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    I agree totally. I am older but got hooked on Hannah Montana during an illness. I enjoyed the show and Miley Cyrus very much. She is a very beautiful and talented person. I agree that this is a very sad performance. You have written your thoughts well and I agree.


    This is so well written and I imagine expresses the thoughts of many parents after hearing or seeing any part of her performance last night. She is certainly missing something in life and begging for attention. She needs stable parents now more than ever, I hope she can turn to them for help rather than being part of their next paycheck.

      Carmella simmons August 27, 2013 at 12:24 pm

      Miley “emancipated” herself from her parents. With that the media is using her just as this beautiful letter to her says. Our hope is that Miley has read it and that her eyes have been opened. I am saddened every time I hear of young upcoming performers taking their lives… or strung out on some addiction. Let’s pray that Miley isn’t going to be another statistic.


    I really don’t think you care, but regardless of your Hannah Montana background, you are better than this. What did you gain? 15 minutes of what? You have great talent and you don’t need to resort to gimmicks, shock & awe to make a statement. You are talented, so quit the gimmicks. Quit the over the top antics. If you think that’s what makes you? You sold yourself short on every level. You’re better than that!!


    So all you people Think that Miley Cyrus IS Hannah montana? this was just a character she played. David Tennant was NOT Doctor Who. Get it? She is a young lady who wishes to go her own way and not be preached to by people of one faith who believe they have the moral high ground because of their own small minded beliefs.


      So you’re saying that if Miley Cyrus were your daughter, that you would have celebrated her performance?


      There is only one true GOD. The creator of everything and of you.


      Gardner, are YOU Miley Cyrus’ manager? You did make ONE true statement, “She is a YOUNG LADY”. I seriously DOUBT this is how she wants to be portrayed. If you have a problem with the values of Americans, then YOU are the small minded one. If you saw Miley’s act, you could see not even the male singer wanted to get near her. She looked ridiculous. As a mother I felt for Miley. What these Hollywierd people are doing to this YOUNG lady is NOT right, and they should be SUED. Miley IS better than that trash the world saw and I hope and PRAY she finds herself.


        Not even the male singer wanted to get near her? You do realize that the male singer is famous for the song they performed together at the VMAs in which fully nude women dance around him and caress him as he and his band members check them out, right? And somehow, this video is allowed to be on youtube so any child can go look it up without much trouble… yet Miley is the one getting crap for her performance on a TV-14 rated program? If you have young children that you don’t feel should be subject to seeing Miley’s performance… here’s a thought – don’t let them watch shows that are rated for an older audience!


      No, she is not Hanna Montana. She is a Woman. And she deserves better than being a sex toy.


      It really isn’t just about God Gardner, .. it’s about having respect for one’s self…. what Miley did, isn’t her… Today, it is all about ratings, how much over the top one can go, and sex….. it sells…. Miley couldn’t even get the tongue thing down… she looked absolutely ridiculous… I was saddened by that performance, for she is being made to look a fool.. all for what? Fame? who cares,.. Fortune? That goes away too… just in todays’ society, there are not many people that take pride in themselves….. doesn’t have to be about God… just have some common sense, .. simple thing…. that is what that letter was mostly about… don’t sell your soul to the devil….. oh, and btw, there is a God, and there is a Devil… Miley IS too good for what she is now trying to portray…


      Gardner…….you can believe what you choose to believe. But God is still God and one day we all will give an account of how we have lived our lives. What is wrong with having good morals……Why would that be classified as having small minded beliefs? Why is doing good things wrong? And doing bad things right?
      God help us all to know that someday this life will end. Who will you follow?
      Proverbs 3:4, 5. I encourage you to find a Bible and read this.
      May you find God who loves us so much that he gave his Son to die for us so that IF we believe in Him we might have eternal life.




        I’m pretty sure to Gardner, saying “But God is still God and one day we all will give an account of how we have lived our lives.” is essentially the same thing as saying “But Santa is still Santa, and one day we’ll wake up disappointed because we got coal instead of presents because we weren’t nice that year.” The statement might make sense and hold weight to you as you, but it doesn’t apply to people who don’t share your belief that there is in fact a god, let alone the Christian God.

        He also never mentioned that it was bad to have good morals, he stated that all the people denigrating Miley Cyrus think they are morally superior to her because they believe in God and follow God’s word (assuming they do in fact follow God’s word all of the time, which is an exceedingly rare trait in Christians). This is what Gardner likely meant by small minded beliefs – that people will readily attack someone for portraying an image of promiscuity due to an archaic and heavily patriarchal set of rules made up over 2000 years ago. Do you just follow the set of codes because you are told that God wants you to, or do you follow them because they logically make sense to you in the absence of a higher being? This is where we can make the distinction that morality is not synonymous with religion, but a separate entity. There are plenty of moral atheists who can rationalize why it’s wrong to kill someone without needing to consult a deity to tell them. If they only reason you aren’t doing something is because you fear God will punish you, you have a weak moral code, or the act you are not partaking in is not actually immoral. Sexual acts fall under the latter category for the most part. It doesn’t matter in the slightest if Miley Cyrus wants to be promiscuous (or even if she just wants to pretend to be). Does it affect anyone else? No. If you don’t like what she does, don’t pay attention to her. I’m willing to bet half the reason she does this stuff is to get a rise out of precisely this community. If you stop paying attention to her, chances are, her actions won’t “offend” you so much. (Even if they still do though, it doesn’t matter. She can live how she wants, and judging her and shouting your Bible quotes at her isn’t going to stop her.)


      It has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It has to do with standards and self-respect and having some decorum. We are born with an intellect and have dominion over the animals and hopefully we conduct ourselves as such. What happened to acting like Ladies and Gentlemen? To sum it up with one word Vulgarity.


      There is nothing remotely small minded about our beliefs Gardner, our country was founded upon them. You’re merely spouting your opinion in contrast to views you apparently do not agree with, and if I may say so, with a bit of sarcasm. You need to re-evaluate and speak again 😉


        Let us not forget that these founding fathers you are putting on a pedastol also endorsed the enslaving of millions of Africans for their own profit! Read your history would you please. By the way how many slaves would Jesus own?


      I am pretty sure you Gardner are the only one with their own small minded beliefs!


    Julie I believe, Thank you so very much for responding to this event in Love for Miley and not anger or hatred. You have written exactly what she is crying out for. That being True Love and Acceptance. I didn’t watch the event live but heard all about it and watch a youtube clip of it. She is hurting so bad and crying out to whoever will listen. Unfortunately her cry is thru the wrong avenues but she is still crying out. You are such a wise Christian woman and mother and I truly do appreciate your Godly and Loving stance.


    Is this not the position of many girls today? Miley Cyrus is a star who as you said has been used for profit but I think she is a willing accomplice and compensated well. She has and we be the temptress that pulls our sons and daughters into such corruption.
    I did watch the performance the next day and learned that many Christian parents sent their daughters to see her.
    Please don’t think that I’m questioning your sincerity but what we are seeing a girl who looks like she is under the influence of a Hindu deity called Kali the she-devil. From her sexual aggression to her protrude tongue. Since 3 of her 19 tattoos are Hindu alongside her drug use who knows…


    couldn,t have expressed it any better…every parent, grandparent should give a copy to the young people in their lives..thank you many blessings dianna mccracken


    If it was attention she wanted, she got it. It’s too bad that she has decided to go over to the dark side. She could be such a wonderful inspiration and leader. You must admit, she is once again a household name, albeit in a negative tone. Still her name IS out there and people KNOW who she was and who she is trying to be now. If I have a voice in any of this, I’d say pull the plug on her for awhile until she straightens up. By that, I mean – boycott her shows, don’t buy any of her merchandise or anything else that has a connection to her. I’d fire her agent and then not let anybody else sign her. We need to let her know that this behavior is unacceptable and the best way to get thru is thru the pocketbook.

      Gershon McGregor August 27, 2013 at 5:57 pm

      You are absolutely right! boycott her shows, don’t buy any of her merchandise or anything else that has a connection to her. I’d fire her agent and then not let anybody else sign her. We need to let her know that this behavior is unacceptable and the best way to get thru is thru the pocketbook.


    wow!…..nice!!!!…..I too have been very disappointed in her… daughter was crushed when miley first went “wrong” by allowing her boyfriend on the show to dictate her life by telling her she couldn’t have her career and him both so she chose him and as we all know….it’s only gone downhill from there…..we’ve touched very little on how she was raised differently than we raise our children but this just put a whole new light on it!…..this was an excellent article!……I’m with you! I really wish she could see this and see all the responses, all the sadness from her choices. Praying one day she will see the truth.


    I totally with all I have agree with you… Our society is based upon Hollywood these days and whatever people see they usually try to live up to the image. Even though I am a man and look when a woman is half dressed, because I am a visual creation and I like anything from ladies to aircraft that have beautiful lines. I get excited looking at an military aircraft perform and do all that they do, etc.. At the same time my heart breaks because I see grown women, young women, teenage women and little girls trying to portray what they see from Hollywood and so many women these days think they have to show parts or all their body off to be accepted, be loved, feel wanted, and to get a guy. However it is not. It only tears down a female and makes men do things they normally would not. Ladies, if you want a man to love and love you for life then do not give in to showing off your body they way Hollywood wants you to. If you want to find True Love, make a man invest time knowing who you are as a person and not by what they physically see. When you show off your body to men you will get men who really do not love you but lust for you. Ladies, if you show off your bodies you will get men that will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get what he wants from you . Then as your physical appearance starts to ease down that same guy is off to the next victim. Ladies, make men invest time in getting to know you and not for what they can see and imagine. You Ladies are Truly God’s Precious Creation and I want to see ladies truly loved and not lusted for..


    I am a dad of three little girls. My oldest are twins and are 8 years old. They came up just in time to catch the end of Hannah Montana. Most of the episodes they did catch were already re-runs. They loved Miley’s music around and just after Hannah Montana, and it was some of the only music I didn’t mind that was coming out for kids their age.

    I remember the first time Miley started acting “different.” I put that in quotes because this is all from my perspective as someone who does not know her personally. She was definitely putting a different image out there for everyone to see. I didn’t hate Miley, but I also couldn’t allow my kids to continue to follow her. They cried when we told them we were going to start cutting off her influence in our house. I felt bad to be honest, but after this I am so glad we did.

    I love my girls, again I don’t hate Miley, and I didn’t want her influence in my daughter’s lives. You know, she said she didn’t want to be a role model. But that is the problem with fame, many people are watching and there will be some who follow your lead.

    You are worth much more than you know, as the author of this blog has already said. Your performance and hearing about it has simply made me sad for you, and happy that we did cut our daughters off at a young age.


    Miley’s great-grandfather (on her dad’s side) was a preacher of the Gospel and would be totally ashamed, not of her but of what she flaunts and represents. Great letter, I can only hope she reads it.


    I agree, but my only comments would be: Will Miley ever read this? And if she does, will she even care about the feeling of most who saw that trashy performance?


    If all that wrote to or about Miley would pray for her daily her life would turn around and she would become who God created her to be. Want to join me?


      You mean that she could possibly turn around. Just because someone prays for someone to change, they still have freewill; and might not change. I agree that all should pray for her though


    What a wonderful letter. I really hope one day she is able to read this. She is so loved and admired by so many girls and just the general public. I wish someone could give her a hug and say she is beautiful and a beloved child of God.


    The display was disgusting at best but she made her decision and ultimately she needs to be responsible for her actions. Taking responsibility is one of the lost arts of this generation (as I work for a school I speak from experience) and is something we should be teaching right along with reading, writing and arithmetic. There is something to be said for having a little class. As for Hollywood doing this to her, I beg to differ, she is allowing it. There is a simple word that she may want to learn…NO.


    The purpose of any rock star is self glorification. Whether Miley Cyrus or other church girls like Katy Perry or Beyoncé aka Sasha Fierce these girls are tapping into spiritual forces that will eventually destroy them. Hollywood is a cesspool which preys on children and her dad you most likely agree.


    I don’t think Miley is confused about her identity. I think she genuinely feels that she isn’t being sexualized and exploited. She really thinks it’s her choice and she loves what she’s doing. Like a lot of emotionally immature girls her age, she feels that publicly rejecting traditional values, especially values that she was either raised with or previously represented, is her way of asserting her ability to “make adult decisions” because no one can tell her not to. And if they do, she can say, “Whatever I’m an adult.” I believe she bought into the YOLO culture of today’s kids and really went overboard. It’s not uncommon in our society for girls to go through a phase where they cut loose, and it’s also not uncommon for them to suffer some serious consequences. I’m actually surprised that with all the successful people who surround her, she isn’t emulating the ones who did it right, and is walking down the path of the common college-girl ho like so many before her. Pardon the sexist word. I use it rhetorically. My point is: as absurd as her behavior is, she won’t learn until she suffers. Being an adult isn’t about being overtly sexual and partying endlessly. She’s acting exactly like under-supervised teenagers do.


    Hollywood is a reflection of what America salivates on. Simple solution is to not support these people or functions and the problem will go away. Guaranteed. Corporate America understands one thing, Money. If it dries up, they will move in the direction the money flows. Money is more than one person, one vote. It is the greatest voting power you can yield on how you, your children and your family spend your hard earned capital.


      I agree, Money is the root of all evil, the man upstairs is a smart man. Obviously its not wrong to have money or a lot of it but im sure you understand what I meant.


      And i suppose you love shopping at Walmart too? Walmart is the true devil in America!


    Why are people so concerned with people that is so far out of their reach and neglect those that are so near? Charity starts at home before it’s spread aboard. We need to mentor and affect those young people in our shere.


    Yes that was a good letter, but at the same time we as parents should’ve seen this coming from her. Lets recap how many Disney little girls went bad as soon as they grew up. Also as a father of 2 girls I give u this advise people…dont let tv dictate how ur kids grow up, make them join sports,some kind of activity that keeps them away from social media. After all they are just kids they need guidance from adults, it all comes down to the parents. Oh yeah by the way one day myley will one day have children too,so she too will learn from her mistakes(she’s got it comin) Deuces people.


    Luke 6:37
    “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

    Luke 6:41
    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

    I don’t agree with her performance, but we all know you cant make a single decision without a consequence whether good or bad. Like someone mentioned above we should surround our younger ones with love and teach them right and wrong, Satan comes like a roaring lion looking to devour, teach them to guard themselves and there hearts.


    Very nicely written and sure hope that she reads this. People profit from her be-littleing herself. Do not be a follower, be a leader where you can hold your head high. I truly believe you know better and whatever took you to this place, I surely hope you catch yourself from going further into a very dark place….


    It doesn’t have to be about religion, age, male or female, scriptures, etc. It all boils down to self respect and knowing what is right and wrong and how they were raised. My God America….what have we done to ourselves over the past 2 decades? Molding a child into a responsible good adult takes hard work by responsible loving parents. Even when I was growing up as a teenager in the 80’s most girls at least had enough self respect to act like ladies. These days I see neighbor kids at the age of 7 and 8 dropping the “F” bomb like it was a word out of the dictionary. Where are the PARENTS for these young kids and teenagers? It is unbelievable how the kids of HOLLYWOOD have influenced our children because of them being spoiled and thinking they are above the law. for instance Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid, Paris Hilton and numerous other spoiled ass brats. Hey HOLLYWOOD!!! Our kids are watching your crap. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t even turn on the television any more without seeing someone in trouble with drugs or violence. Once again where were the PARENTS? Miley I bet your Dad is singing ACHEY BREAKY HEART as I am writing this. Get it together young lady.


    i think it was hot!


    So she shook her tush in public, made some vile gestures, vulgarly performed in front of a crowd and televised nation and got the attention from man that she was looking for! Now what??? Where does it go from here? How long will it last? What happens when they use her up and throw her away like yesterday’s news? It will eventually happen ya know!

    “What does it profit a man if were to gain the whole world and lose his own soul; and what would a man give in exchange for his soul” (Matthew 16:26; Mark 8:36)?


    Aww, how sweetly insulting. Seriously get offyour high horse and leave the girl alone. She is a product of corporate America. She is a product of people like your daughters who choose to idolize people instead of something more worth while .while their parent stand by and let them. While her performance may not have been classy, it was what everyone wanted. They can say otherwise, but the girl can’t win. She is either being ridiculed for being Hanna Montana’s Miley , achey breaky hearts daughter , or for twerking it just like almost ever other performer on that stage. the only difference is, she stuck out because she is sopposed to be a role model. She didn’t ask for that role, America forced it on her. Her father forced that on her.od, stop being a hypocrite. Every Chrii I have ever met has been really good at giving backhanded compliments and you are no different. You rive .humiliating people who don’t agree with your so called morals. Get over yourself. You are not better than the rest of the world. Once you and the rest of your cult like religion (and yes I can say that, I was an active member of a church for 3/4 of my life until I realized the rediculousness surrounding it) realize that ,this world.might be a better place. In the meantime keep your mouth in your own business.


    Sometimes people act out because they just don’t care, not because they are hurting inside. We couldn’t know, not knowing Miley Cyrus, but I wouldn’t just assume that she did that because she hated herself. She could have had fun doing it because she felt like it and enjoyed the attention.

    angela fantasia August 28, 2013 at 9:38 am

    that beautiful


    Yes….continuing to pray for Miley, Bieberly & many others ….. self proclaiming “Christians” seeking to fill a void….. Influential to so many, including my own grandchildren……. Breaks my heart!


    It’s all about the money! She is just the object and product of another soul in the entertainment world. Greed and money is the rule of all evil!


    I confess I had already had “The talk”, with my 10 yr. old Grand Daughter concerning the choices Miley has been making in the past few years & I’m happy to say she, Miley, was no longer someone admired or looked up to but this latest is down right pitiful. How can her parents sleep at night after that disgusting exhibit. I bet her Ex is happy her got out before this filthy performance. Shame on you, Miley, you were so loved by a fresh generation & now you are just like all the rest $$$$ rules with you, So, so SAD.


    Reblogged here! 4 Reaction to Miley Cyrus Worth Readgin


    Good post, however, the part where you talked to you children and told them that “Miley was just an image that wasn’t real”. Should you have said that “Hannah Montana was just an image that wasn’t real”? It’s a more correct statement. Miley IS a person, but Hannah was the “image” (or a character).


    Couldn’t have said it any better. Kudos on a job well done!


    Rather than all this opinionated talk about her, why not be praying for her instead. There is strength in numbers and i think the goal is to help her . Only prayer can make change.

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