Time for a Virtue Revolution!

September 5, 2013 — Leave a comment


Last week, I wrote a post on this blog. I wrote my heart over Miley Cyrus’ gross display on the VMA’s. I expected my usual followers to read, probably agree and move on. However, my post went viral and after 7000 plus shares on social networks and over 50, 000 views I was in awe over the reaction.

I wondered how to respond or even how to follow-up the post. I certainly didn’t want my reaction to be about my writing or even about how viral it went. It’s every writer’s dream to have a reaction from readers like that, but again this wasn’t about me.

Then I began to read other posts and I realized that the reaction I received wasn’t really about Miley Cyrus or even about what I wrote. It was about the need for people to voice their concern over the lack of morality and virtue in our society.

Now I did receive the occasional criticism of my post and how some liked the performance and Miley’s sexual display. However, overwhelmingly the reaction was positive and I was encouraged that people were using my voice to share their own concerns.

I don’t know if Miley read my letter. I certainly meant everything I said and hope she can find some understanding that the message she is sending to the world is void of any real value or respect. And I hope that someday she will know that the grace of God can overshadow her image and make it brand new.

However, I think there is a broader message from all of this. That there is an intrinsic need for some good old-fashioned values in the society we are raising our children.  That virtue far outweighs the sexual revolution that has spun out of control. There is a real need for morality and it doesn’t necessarily have to be laced with a religious notion or spirituality. (Although, I do think the lack of it is what has caused this moral depravity.)

So my message here is it to thank the many readers who gave me a little hope that moral virtue is alive and well.  It still feels like an uphill battle to raise my children with values and to have to at times shield them from the messages on television, the movies, the internet and society as a whole.  However, I realize I am not alone.

Thanks for standing with me and maybe together we can bring back a virtue revolution where self-respect and morality are based on God’s definition and not the world’s.

“Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors.” – Chinese proverb


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