Home is where the heart is!

November 27, 2013 — 1 Comment

A reblog about my grandmother and the heritage she gave me in being thankful for family.

Julie Klose - The Velvet Brick


This painting may have no significance to you but it has so much meaning to me. It hangs on my wall and it is a reminder of my grandmother who lived in this house and has since passed on. In fact, this house no longer exists. It really is just a painting now and a memory. It is funny how things that have meaning and significance really have nothing to do with concrete items. Sometimes it takes death or a lifetime to figure this out but as they say a picture (or painting) is worth a thousand words.

I recently read a book that discussed the importance of older generations fostering relationships with younger generations. I immediately thought about my relationship with my grandmother. I looked at this house and thought about all the little details and why she was so special in my life. It was a modest house…

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One response to Home is where the heart is!


    I so love this , and the way you expressed your love for family in this article.

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