My 2014 Declaration!

January 2, 2014 — 2 Comments


Every New Year brings about new resolutions, goals or maybe “to do” lists that you vow this year you will complete. I have a sort of different one and I am committed to doing it here on my blog.

Okay, here it goes. Here are the words I have yet to publicly say out loud. Wait for it….

I am a writer!

No big reveal to you, the reader, but to me this has been extremely hard for me to admit. You see to publicly state you are something seems to put a tag on it. That tag defines you and then you have to deal with that inevitable confidence issue and the fear of failure.

For so long, I have been afraid to admit of this passion that God has given me. This love of writing, researching and putting my thoughts down for all to see. I don’t have a degree that labels me as a writer. I am a teacher. I have a degree in teaching and that has been my tag that defines me. However, I found this new love called writing and yet I feel so inadequate in even stating the simple phrase of “I am a writer”.

There is probably some psychology behind my fear of this writer label. I come from a family of writers and there’s that “I will never measure up” thing always going on in my head. Then there is my own weaknesses. I have much to learn in the field of writing and I realize I am a beginner. I am thankful for spellcheck and proofreader but even that doesn’t always pick up my grammar errors. If I could only go back in time and take advantage of those free writing workshops that they offered in college. Oh, well!

Even with all my fears and inadequacies, I’ve come to realize that this love and passion to write is still there and I am going to pursue this thing. So here I am… a writer. I am thankful for the small successes I have had along the way in this writing endeavor. I have bigger hopes and dreams in the writing field and hopefully, someday, I will achieve them. For now, my goal for 2014 to publicly state that I am a writer has been achieved. My writing future is now wide open!

Maybe you too have a passion and are afraid of the tag that will label you. Success rarely happens overnight and failing is always a part of the process. It’s a New Year so pursue that thing that you love to do and let it define you even with all your fears and insecurities. Go for it! Declare it!

**Thank you to all my friends, family and readers for encouraging me in this writing endeavor. Your words of encouragement and praise have given me the confidence I needed. I couldn’t do it without you, especially my sister who sparked the idea of this blog for me in the first place and it has led to bigger and better things.

2 responses to My 2014 Declaration!


    Sorry it took me until today to read this, but I’m verklempt over it, and YES YOU ARE, SIS! I never would’ve thunk it, but you are an excellent, thoughtful & thought-provoking writer and you have that rare quality of being ‘balanced’ in a very unbalanced political climate (some would argue with me over that, but I stand by my assessment). I look forward to bigger & better, broader & deeper avenues this new “tag” will take you! So proud! love, ya

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