World Vision, the Christian, and the Lamplight

March 26, 2014 — 1 Comment


Writing is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it’s downright discouraging.

But as a Christian writer there is a whole level of responsibility that comes with that title.

I learned a valuable lesson about writing and staying true to the voice God has given me. I am commanded to speak the Truth in love. If there is something on my heart to write about, I want to pen my words in a manner that represents me and Christ who lives in me.

That word Christian before Writer holds a great weight and I am mindful how important my words are with that title that displays Christ with a capital C.

I wrote a piece for a news site and the hired editor changed my words and published it. They didn’t just edit grammar and punctuation, they changed my voice. The sad part was it was another Christian who changed my message. They made it harsh, less loving, and used my words to make their own statement.

They took my words and made them fit their beliefs on an issue. The issue was about World Vision’s recent policy change on hiring those in same-sex marriages. I don’t believe in same-sex marriage and I am a defender of the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman. I will never compromise on a belief that is biblically defined but I also will not compromise on the manner in which God intends me to express my beliefs in writing.

Psalms 109:105 says, “Your words are a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” I want my prayerful written words to direct others to the Gospel so they can be guided. To be like a light that shines a path in the darkness not a lightning bolt that jolts people to condemnation. That’s God’s territory.

I believe God can use lightning bolts (metaphorically speaking) to send a message. He blinded Saul on the road to Damascus. I think Saul would agree that was not a gentle lamp-lighting-his-path kind of experience. But Jesus often talked to people in a manner that was gentle but firm. He exposed the woman at the well for her sin but he sat with her and directed her path to salvation. He could have easily jolted Zacchaeus out of the tree but instead he became a friend to the cheating tax collector and in turn changed his heart.

Words matter but the manner in which we share our words, especially as Christians, is equally important. This week Christians are arguing over World Vision’s recent policy change and words are flying in the faces of those around them who do not know Christ. I am forever mindful of this and there are times that I have failed to use my words in a manner which reflect Christ. Every time I do this, my words are void of meaning and the light leads not on the path of Christ but to the darkness of my own sinful heart.

The Christian title holds a greater responsibility than I think many of us fail to consider. For me the responsibility is the words I express in my writing. But the title can also reflect any job or profession of a believer in Christ. It’s a weighted title because it reflects the message of Christ and how we represent Him in our everyday lives. We are called to shine a light, the light of Christ, but we also need to be mindful in the manner in how we shine it.

Christians be mindful in the words you use to express the truth of the Gospel. Don’t back down from the Truth but remember where the light should always lead- to Christ. After all, the light shines on the feet directing a path not on the eyes to blind the pathway.

One response to World Vision, the Christian, and the Lamplight


    Excellent article. I hope that the editor who change your article will make things right.

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