Adultery is a Big Deal!

October 31, 2017 — 3 Comments


This is a blog that I don’t know how to write. I don’t feel qualified to write about this topic, and I realize it’s a sensitive issue to many people. So I am going to do my best to just share my heart on a matter that I genuinely care about. I hope in my weak attempt to share my perspective; you read the grace between the lines and not the judgment.

For the last month or so, the title of this blog has been going through my head over and over again. It’s been screaming at me.

Adultery is a big deal!

Over the last couple of years I have watched adultery creep into people’s lives and make a mess of things. Children have been emotionally wounded, marriages have ended in divorce, and people have walked away from God.

Adultery is a big deal!

I have seen how one act of adultery can affect a group of people. What might have seemed like a private act of  attraction between two people then catapulted into a situation that affected many people’s lives.

Adultery is a big deal!

I’ve been told that I don’t understand the situation surrounding the events. I’ve gotten the response, “you can’t judge unless you have been in my situation.” Marriage is hard, and attraction happens.

Marriage is a big deal!

There is a reason why one of the Ten Commandments says, “Do not commit adultery.” God put in place the protection from this grievous sin so that lives would not be destroyed. Jesus went even further to teach about lust in one’s heart. We are all sinners, but we all are faced with the choice to act on sin. Sin destroys and grieves the heart of God.

Sin is a big deal!

But on the flip side of adultery is redemption. I have seen marriages that were wrecked by the sin of adultery completely transformed by the grace of God. I have witnessed families restored and watched a husband and wife devoted to each other in a loving marriage which was once destined for divorce. God is the healer and restorer of broken relationships. There is forgiveness for adultery. There is healing.

God is a big deal!

I hate adultery. I hate divorce. I hate how it destroys families. And I hate that so often people are not willing to fight for their marriages. Sure, maybe I don’t know “your situation.” But I know God. When we allow God to break down the walls of sin and let forgiveness in, He is more than able to do miraculous things. God thinks your marriage is a big deal. He will fight with you to restore it. But He has to be at the center of it. Don’t give in to the lie in our society that adultery or divorce is no big deal. Hold on to Scripture. Walk in the truth of God’s Word. His Commandments are to protect us from sin and the hurt that brings hopelessness. He is the hope for your marriage.

I have witnessed a casualness towards divorce and adultery in the Church. It grieves my heart. But how much more does it grieve the heart of God?

I know every marriage, every situation, every struggle is different. But I just wish we could start screaming out loud with a warning —Adultery is a big deal! And then wrap our loving arms around our friends in their hurting marriages and encourage them that their Marriage is a big deal. Maybe that’s too simplistic and idealistic. But I don’t care because I serve a God who is bigger than all it.



3 responses to Adultery is a Big Deal!


    WOW…you spoke from my heart! After 21 years of marriage my “husband” is impatiently waiting for divorce. He is living in adultery and left his beautiful family for another woman half my age. I am heart broken but with Gods grace getting stronger every day. I am trying to fight against divorce since a year and a half. My “husband” left the country and started his new life. He is just waiting for the court date. I am terrified. I leave it all to God. May HIS will be done. What I have learnt is that Gods grace is never ending. Never did I learn so much love from God. I am so blessed to know that God is protecting my son and I. God is so beautiful and full of love. To all hurting marriages and spouses, no matter what happens please lean on God.


      Rosanna- My heart hurts for your situation. I pray you find God’s immeasurable peace in this difficult time. Whatever the outcome, we know we serve a God who can redeem what is broken. God Bless you!


      I have been there, five years later is better, but I don’t know if you ever feel whole again. I am single while he left us to be with another woman and raises her kids while turning his back on our kids and grand-kids. I have suffered financially emotionally and spiritually, The holidays are not as bad as they used to be, when your 8 year old granddaughter tells you to put up decorations because ” you have to live your life grandma no matter what” well I had to listen to a baby to move on and God has something special in store for my family. As for my ex he is reaping big consequences, but that is not my business

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