Book Review: Mission Drift


In 2009, as I was driving down my local interstate I passed the headquarters of Christian Children’s fund. Their name was a profound title on their building and the word “Christian” was boldly stated high above for anyone to see as they drove past. I later read that the organization decided to change their name to simply ChildFund International. Months later, the building took down the word Christian and put up their new title. I remember wondering how an organization, which was founded to minister to orphans world-wide both physically and spiritually, could all together deny their Christian name. I immediately lost respect for a ministry that could drift away from the name of Christ in their mission.

Authors Peter Greer and Chris Horst in their book Mission Drift have identified why ministries like ChildFund International can make this type of drift away from their founding purpose. This book is an invaluable tool for any ministry, church, or business in guarding against this drift that seems inevitable. Both authors give examples of ministries that have drifted from their intended purposes and why, as well as ministries that have remained “mission true” despite the changing culture. Mission Drift describes the histories of many organizations in their quest to remain true and offers solutions and steps to help today’s leaders build upon a solid foundation.

Greer and Horst, as leaders of the ministry Hope International, share their own personal stories and experiences in Mission Drift. They provide a personal perspective that gives a genuine authenticity to the reader in understanding how important it is for Christian organizations and churches to remain rooted in Christ above all else. There’s a humility about these authors that I found refreshing in their desire to share how others can remain “mission true” while guarding their own ministry from the downfall of a drift.

While this book is geared to help leaders of organizations and churches, I believe Mission Drift is also relevant in reminding all of us how important it is to remain faithful to the purpose God has called each of us to and the true mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This book was provided by Bethany House for review purposes.

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