Book Review: Prepared for a Purpose

book Tuesday, August 20, 2013 was a typical work day for Antoinette Tuff until she found herself face to face with a gunman who entered the Atlanta school where she worked as a bookkeeper. Prepared for a Purpose is the true story of the day Antoinette tragically faced a school shooter named Michael Hill who intended to kill and destroy. However, her faith and courage proved that even in one of the most tragic circumstances love and compassion shines through. Interwoven in this story is Antoinette’s own life testimony of her struggles and undeniable faith in God. She shares her life story of childhood abandonment, poverty, parenting a special needs child and having to deal with the end of her marriage after 33 years. Yet through all her heartbreak and pain, Antoinette was able to rise above it, hold onto her faith and find courage to love the un-lovable. God seemed to be preparing Antoinette for her face to face encounter with this gunman. She was able to show the love of Christ to Michael Hill because of her own understanding of Christ’s love for her.

My personal take:

I was impressed with this book because there was no blatant agenda or underlying message with the emotionally charged event like a school shooting. Instead it was a simple story of how God used a woman to speak life into a man who was mentally ill and full of anger. It’s not often that you find a story like this and feel compassion for not only the tragic event and all that were involved but also to feel empathy for the shooter. Antoinette Tuff reached out to Michael Hill and was a true example and reflection of the love of Christ and reaching out to the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40).

This book was provided for me for free by Bethany House for review purposes.

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