Father Cry by Billy Wilson

Billy Wilson has written a book that speaks of the importance of the need for spiritual fathers (and mothers) in everyone’s life. He writes about  his own personal journey in his broken relationship with his own dad and ties in numerous emotional stories of heartbreaking parent and child relationships.

The whole theme of the book is how important spiritual parenting is and how God values it in our lives. It is a principle everyone should honor whether you have physically bore a child or not. He uses both positive and negative examples from the bible of spiritual parenting. He also chronicles the breakdown of spiritual parental influence with the social revolution of the 1960’s and the breakdown of the family. It is a true cry for older generations to mentor and foster Godly relationships with the younger generations.

This book tugged on my emotions as I have witnessed many friends and family who have dealt with severed relationships with their own fathers. I am always saddened by the fact that many people grow far from God due to the fact that they never had Godly influences in their lives or felt loved in a way that nurtured a spiritual upbringing. However, this book also highlights the power of redemption and the healing grace of God in restoring broken relationships, which I have also witnessed in many lives.

This book is a must read for both younger and older generations and to remind us all that we need each other and it is never too late for love and forgiveness.

This was a free book provided for me by Chosen books and is my own opinion.

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