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thCA9EY8RQI have been writing this blog for over a year now and I have done a little research. The most hits I received were always on the most controversial subjects. Is it coincidence that my tops posts were on abortion and homosexuality? Now I am not bragging here. I am just trying to prove a point. People are interested in the truth. Some are interested because they disagree with me and some because I am speaking in a voice that they can relate to. The challenge for me is to speak in a voice that demonstrates the love of Christ through controversial issues.

It is always a challenge for me to speak my heart on issues that might offend. Let me tell you, I have said several prayers asking for my words to speak the truth in love before I hit that publish button. Words are scary things. They can cut like a knife and destroy or they can uplift and encourage. Living out my convictions in life has caused tension in relationships. No one likes for friends or family to disagree with you. It would certainly be much easier if I only wrote sweet sentiments and stayed away from the offensive issues. However, I have lived long enough to realize I cannot please everyone. My posts are not meant to say this is the truth according to me. They are to remind my readers and myself that there is a truth greater than me and this world. It is written out in scriptures and God sent his only son to be a sacrificial lamb, so that we could be forgiven for our sins and embrace this truth.

Do I get it wrong at times? Have I written in a voice that prides myself? Have I been a bit off balance and less loving? YES, YES and YES. I am human and I write my convictions and my heart but I am also a sinner thankfully saved by Grace. However, I started this blog because there is a Truth (the word of God) that we all need to be reminded to stand on. It is not a coincidence that my most controversial posts get the most readers. People want the truth. Not my truth or your truth but the truth of Christ. They don’t want you pointing a finger at them. They want you to put your loving arm around them and share God’s love and mercy. Sometimes this means standing firm but building a relationship with them despite your differences. Then it’s up to God to work in their life if they are willing. If we claim to believe a truth greater than ourselves shouldn’t we proclaim it? However, truth won’t set anyone free if we remain silent because we are afraid we might offend.