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White Noise

April 23, 2013 — 1 Comment


There are times when all three of my children try to talk to me at the same time. It drives me crazy! Each one vying for their say or their point of view. I usually, calmly, tell them to stop and ask one at a time to tell their “side” of the story. However, sometimes all I really want to do is put my hands over my ears or just shut myself away in a silent room.

Lately, I have felt this very same way in the world we live in. I write articles with a political conservative perspective. It is my point of view and I want my say but many times I feel like I am just one voice among the masses and it is all just white noise. It is like at an arena with thousands of people. So many voices talking all at the same time that all you really hear is a roar or a hum; a white noise. Sometimes there are so many voices that you can barely hear yourself speaking to the person next to you.

I have to ask myself the question whether or not my voice is just a part of the hum of the crowd? Am I really saying anything that matters? Haven’t I said what has already been said a million times.

Our political world seems to be nothing but white noise. On the left we hear the hum of opinions from the liberal perspective. On the right we hear the hum of opinions from the conservative belief. Both sides vying for their say that it somehow gets lost in a vacuum of noise that even makes me want to just shut myself away in silence.

My dilemma as a conservative writer is how do I rise out of the white noise? Now this doesn’t mean I want to be heard more or considered special in some way. I just don’t want my voice to add to the blending voices that are overpowered by the dull hum of the “this” and “that” or “good” vs. “bad”. That kind of noise turns people away and we have a nation of people not willing to listen because our political system has become the annoying white noise of political rhetoric.

What’s the answer? I wish I knew but I do know that I have never won over a person to my side by a debate or an argument with my words. I fall into the trap of “my side” rhetoric all the time. It is usually fueled by followers who believe the same way I do. I might have made a good argument through my writing but only the “Amen” crowds are reading it. If my voice blends in with the masses then I am not achieving anything but perhaps an ego boost.

My challenge is to write with a sense of grace. To challenge ideas without attacking people. To use words that uplift rather than condemn. To understand that it really isn’t about me but the One who is greater than me. The fact is sometimes I might write ideas that reflect God’s truth but my approach to it is fails to come across as Christ-like. Sometimes God wants me to be silent and just listen before I voice my opinion. I fail to remember, time and time again, that nothing speaks greater than the life that you lead, the character that you portray and the forgiveness that God has for each and everyone of us. Writing can be a beautiful thing but you have to rise above the noise!